Revolution 1 Pool Robotic Cleaner

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Revolution Robot is available in 3 Models. The Revolution 1 is a floor only model which means it will concentrate on where the dirt is. 

Revolution cleaners are made in Israel by a market leading brand who does not want to sell products under their own brand on the internet. 

All Revolution models use a bag filter which collects debris and filters down to 2 microns. No cartridge type Robotic Pool Cleaner is able to filter to these levels. The filter bag is accessed by turning over the machine and then accessing the bag is by undoing two clips which hold a frame which retains the bag.

The Revolution I Robotic Pool Cleaner will Save pool cleaning time, save money, use less chemicals and waste less water. Relax and enjoy your pool while your Revolution robot pool cleaner goes to work.

The Revolution 1 will brush, scrub and vacuums the pool floor. This Robotic Pool cleaner is suitable for all pool types up to 10m but the pool must be over 3m wide for it to operate properly.

The Revolutiuon 1 is lightweight which means it is easy to handle and as with all Robotic Pool cleans no installation is required. Just simply plug it in, drop it into the pool and the Revolution I will get straight into work.  

Revolution robots take the hassle out pool cleaning, doing all the hard work while you sit back, relax and enjoy your pool. Don’t get stuck dealing with messy hoses, constantly broken parts, high chemical bills, water wastage and over the top energy bills.


  • Smart and efficient robotic navigation
  • Peace of mind with 24 months warranty
  • Powerful suction for maximum debris collection
  • Durable PVC brushes for all pool surface types (smooth & coarse)
  • Anti-tangle swivel on cable
  • Auto shut down at end of cleaning cycle
  • Tried and trusted technology

For more information on Revolution Robot Cleaners visit the Revolution Robots

 Revolution Specs

Revolution 1 Coverage

Customer Reviews

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Perfect cleaner!

OK. Wish I'd got this cleaner ages ago. Small above ground pool in country area and ALOT of fine dust. Pool now sparkling clean. So easy to setup, use and packup (although I should have got a caddy for storage and to move around). Worth every penny.


Happy with the product so far.

Great Product

This is a great product - completely intuitive straight out of the box - open it up, plug it in, and away it goes. Doesn't get any easier. Does a fabulous job, absolutely silent and not a grain of sand survives its cleaning attentions. Well designed and well made. It's terrific.

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