Revolution II Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Revolution 2 Pool Cleaner - Walls and Floor 

The Revolution Robotic Pool cleaners are made in Israel and are available in 3 Models. The Revolution 2 has intelligent and efficient robotic navigation, allowing great coverage in pools up to 12 meters in length and with a minimum width of 3 meters. In just 2.5 Hours, the Revolution II will leave your pool sparkling clean.

The Revolution 2 Robotic Pool Cleaner cleans the pool floor, walls, and waterline. The Revolution 2 Robotic Pool Cleaner will Save pool cleaning time, save money, use fewer chemicals and waste less water. Relax and enjoy your pool while your Revolution robot pool cleaner goes to work

Pool surface-specific brushes achieve the best grip for climbing walls and maneuverability. PVC Brushes for rough surfaces (Concrete and pebble finishes) and Wonder brushes for smooth surfaces (tiled and fibreglass).

All Revolution models use a bag filter that collects debris and filters down to 2 microns. No cartridge type Robotic Pool Cleaner can filter to these levels. The filter bag is emptied by turning the machine on its back and then accessing the bag is by undoing two clips that hold a frame that retains the bag.

Revolution robots take the hassle out of pool cleaning, doing all the hard work while you sit back, relax and enjoy your pool. Don’t get stuck dealing with messy hoses, constantly broken parts, high chemical bills, water wastage, and over-the-top energy bills.



  • Smart and efficient robotic navigation
  • Peace of mind with 24 months warranty
  • Powerful suction for maximum debris collection
  • Brush option to suit pool – PVC (for rough pool surface) or WB (Wonder Brush – for smooth pool surfaces)
  • Anti-tangle swivel on cable
  • Auto shut down at end of cleaning cycle
  • Tried and trusted technology

For more information on Revolution Robot Cleaners, visit the Revolution Robots.

Revolution II Specifications


Revolution II Coverage

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Colin McCarthy

Excellent cleaner, does everything it is programmed to do. Value for money. Service from the Pool Shop superb.

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