Rola Chem RC1 (Chlorine Only)

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Please Call (02) 9970 5115 for the Best Price and Advice

Astral Pool Rola Chem RC1

Call (02) 9970 5115 for the Best Price & Advice

Model Max Pool Size Product Code Rec. Retail $
RC1 5/0 Semi Auto Chlorine Pump 45,000l 50001 $1,253.10
RC1 20/0 Semi Auto Chlorine Pump 120,000l 50101 $1,334.67
RC1 100/0 Semi Auto Chlorine Pump 250,000l 50201 $2,105.11


  • The Astral Pool (Hurlcon) Rola Chem RC1 units are available in Chlorine dosers or Acid dosers
  • The Rola Chem RC1 is a semi automatic sanitiser with adjustable dosing volume. This means that the water needs to be tested and then the the unit is adjusted up or down manually to dose chlorine or acid at the correct levels.
  • 1 rpm, 5 rpm, 20 rpm and 100 rpm cover a wide range of applications and pool sizes
  • Pumps will operate up to 175 kPa back pressure.

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Customer Reviews

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Great product works great

Made my pool pretty much maintenance free!

This really made my pool almost maintenance free. The best thing I have bought for the pool. I had a Chemigem D10 before with an ORP sensor and caused a ton of issues and never worked properly, this thing works like a charm.

the best thing I have purchased for the pool

So easy once you get your pool balanced it is so easy to adjust the amount of chlorine required I run it off a small drum of liquid chlorine which I set up at about the same level on the chlorinater which last about 3 to 4 weeks there is just one thing to remember do not screw the lid on the bottle of chlorine tight as it will stop the suction into the pump

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