Spa Electrics Light Transformers 50Va

SKU: 5007046b

Spa Electrics LED Pool Light Transformers 50Va

  •   12v AC - 50 watt transformer
  •   Suitable for 2 x Spa Electrics LED light
  •   GPO outlet for multiple transformer installations
  •   Long life Toroidal coil transformer
  •   Resettable thermal overload (automatic)
  •   2 x 3 amp fuses
  •   Plug & Play installation (plugs into GPO)
  •   IP23 weatherproof rating
  •   12 months manufacturers warranty 

  • For further details visit

  • Input Voltage 230 ~ 240v AC 50hz
    Output Voltage 12v
    Output Voltage type AC
    Wattage 50 Watts
    Current (MAX) 2 x 2.0 Amps
    Fuse Type BLADE FUSE
    Fuse Rating 2 x 3 AMP
    IP Rating IP 23
    Overload Protection Automatic Re-settable overload
    Electrical Protection Safety Isolated Transformer
    Electrical Approval No Q99429
    AUX OUTPUT 240v AC 50Hz For the connection of multiple S.E transformers


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