Spa Electrics WNRX Flush Mount Replacement Pool Light

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Spa Electrics WNRX Flush Mount Replacement Pool Light

The Spa Electrics Quantum WN Series is the ultimate underwater LED swimming pool light. With its superior performance & light distribution coupled with this robust construction and stylish looks, the Quantum WN Series is the only choice for Concrete & Fibreglass pools. 

These flush Spa Electrics Pool Lights use the latest and most advanced technology in L.E.D. underwater pool and spa lighting. The light is supplied with a clear lens as it is the L.E.D. that creates the colour not the lens. The brightness from the Ceramic Light Engine can be compared to a standard 100 watt Halogen light, providing a wide spread of light and a beam length of 8 to 10  metres. Drawing only 25 watts of power it is four times more efficient than the conventional 100 watt halogen, resulting in large savings in running costs.


  • MULTI PLUS Now Available
  • iRIS Compatible
  • High intensity Ceramic Light Engine (LED) Technology
  • Market leading brightness and efficiency
  • Available in Blue, White, Multi Colour Or MULTI Plus
  • Direct-Connect Patented detachable electrical connection
  • Choice of rim colours including, Clear (standard), White, Grey or Black
  • Suitable for Concrete and Fibreglass pools
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

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Simple Installation

The Spa Electrics WN RX lights are simple to replace. When replacing a Spa Electrics WN Series, installation is as simple as unplugging the old light and plugging in the new WNRX.

The WNRX also comes with a spare plug for replacement of other manufacturers products (Waterco niche Lights).

Spa Electrics WN RX Installation

LED Colour Guide

Single Colour

Experience intense illumination with a choice of 3 beautiful colours to complement your pool or spa. The Spa Electrics Single Colour range is the essence of sunning pool lighting.

TRI Colour

With the best features of the Multi Colour range and the simplicity of a a Single Coour Light. The TRI Colour is available across the entire Retro Series product range and is the perfect option for those who love a splash of colour in their life.

With the option of 3 stunning colours, including blue, 4000K True White and Lagoon Green, the TRI Colour has a option to suit any pool.

This combination with Spa Electrics colour memory feature ensures your favourite colour is available at the flick of a switch. 

Multi Plus

The MultiPLus from Spa Electrics represents a new generation in Retro-Fit Multi Colour pool lighting.

With 5 different operating modes, the Multi Plus can operate via standard wall switch or the iRis Lighting Colntroller. The Multi Plus can also integrate seamlessly with most pool automation systems.

Along with this comes all new LED Technology with the introduction of an RGB + White LED array; providing clean white illumination and stunning colour shows never seen in pool lighting.

Light up your nightlife this summer with the Spa Electrics Retro Series LED Pool lights. Its simple installation and high performance LED's will transform your pool instantly!


Replacements Previous Halogen and LED Spa Electric Lights

The Simple upgrade for your existing WN250, WN850 or WN950 with the WNRX model light.

  • MULTI PLUS Now Available
  • iRIS Compatible
  • High intensity Ceramic Light Engine (LED) Technology
  • Replaces Spa Electrics WN250 / 850 / 950 + More!
  • Operates on 12v AC
  • Available in Blue, White or MULTI PLUS
  • Direct-Connect Patented detachable electrical connection
  • Simple Installation. Upgrade to LED in as little as 15 minutes
  • No electrician required. Extra Safe Low voltage. Install within minutes!
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
Type Part Number Product Description Voltage
Multi Plus WNRX WNRX L12 R1 CMP 1 Multi Plus Light + Clear Rim + Retro Mounting Kit + Cable Seal Kit  12V
Tri Colour WNRX WNRX L12 R1 CTR 1 Tri Colour Light + Clear Rim + Retro Mounting Kit + Cable Seal Kit  12v
White WNRX WNRX L12 R1 CW4 1 White Light+ Clear Rim + Retro Mounting Kit + Cable Seal Kit   12v
Blue WNRX WNRX L12 R1 CBL 1 Blue Light + Clear Rim + Retro Mounting Kit + Cable Seal Kit  12v


WN903 Fitting Kit is included to join light to existing light cable.

High intensity Ceramic Light Engine (LED) Technology

Ceramic Light Engine is available in Blue, Green, White or Multi-Colour

L.E.D. life of 50,000hrs (rated)

Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 88% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light.

Direct Connect electrical connection eliminates possible sources of water entry

Slotted rim allows water circulation behind the light eliminating stagnant water and aiding in cooling. Choice of rim colours including, Clear (standard), White, Grey or Black A Stainless Steel Dress Ring is available as an optional extra

Detachable plug for ease of servicing.

IPX8 waterproof rating

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Please visit Spa Electrics for Technical How-To Videos

Customer Reviews

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Mary Seddon
Great Price, Quick Delivery, Easy to Install

Ordered 2 lights online, arrived really quickly, easy to install, pool looks great again!

Laurel Henderson
Easy install,cgreat product

So glad we bought this light online. My husband installed it with no problems at all.

Bill Boyaci
Quick & Efficient

I ordered 3 LED lights for for my pool I am in melbourne so is the manufacturer of the lights, it was quicker and cheaper to order them in line from the pool shop. Keep up the great work.

Simon Gibson
Spa Electrics WNRX Replacement Light - Multi

Great price and easy installation swapping out the existing white WNRX's, pretty much plug and play. Kids are loving the colours.

John Hodge
good quality Great service

everything on time and as promised.

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