TailSweep PRo (3900s/380/360/280/180)


Tail Sweep Pro 

The Polaris 3900 comes standard with a Tailsweep Pro, but it can be added to the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner.

The Tailsweep Pro minimises water spraying from the Polaris Tail out of the pool and onto your pool pavers, surrounding gardens, and glass fence.

The Tailsweep Pro still uses the same Polaris Scrubber as a replacement and can fit your existing Polaris 280 Sweep Tail.

The Tailsweep Pro comes with a Polaris Scrubber. Once the scrubber wears, just pull it off and replace it with another Polaris Scrubber. 


The Tail Sweep Pro can be added to the Polaris 280

Part Number TSP100

Genuine Polaris Part: Tail Sweep Pro. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tim Hancock
Works perfectly!

The tail seeep pro works so much netter than the standard rail sweep. No more wet windows!

Zoran Sarin
Tail Sweep PRo

The service is fantastic. Ordered it at midday and it was at my door the next morning. Wow. Best of all it does what it says. The reduction in spray out of the pool is huge and that is welcomed. No more salty residue on windows, doors, tiles, walls and the clothes on the line. Great product.

John Creeley

excellent service

Malcolm Munro
Polaris Tail Sweep Pro

Seems to have done the trick, no more spraying on glass pool fence and innocent bystanders.

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