Temperature and Solar Sensor Kit - Includes 3m cable


This is a temperature sensor kit for the Astralpool Connect 10 system. Can be used to control temperature on a gas/electric/heat pump heater, or Solar Heating, that is not part of their Astral pool Hurlcon Genus System (HX, JX, HiNRG, Viron, and *some* MX Series heaters)

Heater Sensor Kit:
Used for Temperature sensing, and programming to control non-Astral Gas Heaters. Can also be used on non-Genus Heat Pumps.

Solar Sensor Kit:
Used to control any brand of solar heating. Allows Solar pump to be plugged into the Connect 10, and then controlled by the Connect 10 system. 

Comes with:
(Paper list that comes with kit may not actually be what is included in the kit!)
1x Temperature Sensor
1x Mixing Cell - 520147
1x Plug - 2030053
1x Green Seal - 2030055
1x Sensor Cap Well & Fittings between gland and nut - 477183
1x Sensor Well - 477182
1x Screws - 78345
2x Orings - 70003
2x Lock Nut - 950919
2x Tails & Unions - 950920
*1x 50m Solar Roof Sensor - only with Solar Heating kit.

Must be fitted by qualified, experienced person.

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