Temperature and Solar Sensor Kit - Includes 3m cable


This is a temperature sensor kit for the Astralpool Connect 10 system. Can be used to control temperature on a gas/electric/heat pump heater, or Solar Heating, that is not part of their Astral pool Hurlcon Genus System (HX, JX, HiNRG, Viron, and *some* MX Series heaters)

Heater Sensor Kit:
Used for Temperature sensing, and programming to control non-Astral Gas Heaters. Can also be used on non-Genus Heat Pumps.

Solar Sensor Kit:
Used to control any brand of solar heating. Allows Solar pump to be plugged into the Connect 10, and then controlled by the Connect 10 system. 

Comes with:
(Paper list that comes with kit may not actually be what is included in the kit!)
1x Temperature Sensor
1x Mixing Cell - 520147
1x Plug - 2030053
1x Green Seal - 2030055
1x Sensor Cap Well & Fittings between gland and nut - 477183
1x Sensor Well - 477182
1x Screws - 78345
2x Orings - 70003
2x Lock Nut - 950919
2x Tails & Unions - 950920
*1x 50m Solar Roof Sensor - only with Solar Heating kit.

Must be fitted by qualified, experienced person.

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Mal Last
Solar pool sensor with housing

I have a few disappointing remarks. FIRST: I did ask what size pipe the housing fits to be told (after immediately checking for me- to which I was happy) I was told it’s about 50mm. I have 40mm pressure pipe for my heating which I’m sure a lot would have! I thought they would have known with confidence that it suits 50mm pressure pipe. (Not the end of the world as I bought reducers and fitted it!) SECOND: I said that I had a Dontek controller and the plug on the sensor is the right one for my controller but would it suit? They told me they don’t know but the add online says it suits different brands so I thought it would have been fine. However once connecting it to my controller, it reads the wrong temperature by about 20*c . I have ended up having to purchase another one that works correctly. Also using Aust Post for delivery is disappointing as their service is very slow and not that reliable either. ( my product was delayed for no apparent reason before finally being delivered). So overall- even though the service from Poolshop.com was good in a few ways, their knowledge was not good on this product which ended up costing me more.

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