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Astral Connect 10 Control System

The Astral Connect 10 allows the pool owner to control all pool equipment, valves, heaters, and chlorinators from anywhere inside the home or by mobile phone or iPad when on the move. 

One-touch "favourite" menus allow a single touch of a button to turn on your favourite spa pool setting, party settings, or water feature.

The modern pool and spa can be so complex that only one or two people in the house can operate it – and even then, they are required to visit the pool equipment at the rear of the property. An advanced LCD touch screen interface enables the whole family to use the pool and spa whenever and however, as it integrates all of the equipment. Lighting, waterfalls, pool & spa temperature, automatic cleaning systems are all controlled by the Connect 10 and programmed to operate up to four times each day. 

The Connect 10 has a range of wireless and internet options that allows control from virtually anywhere, sitting in the spa with the waterproof handheld remote, on the way home from work via your tablet or smartphone, or simply from your lounge or dining room. 


  • Integrating all your pool & spa equipment
  • Controls your pool and spa without having to go to the actual equipment
  • One-Touch Favourite Mode
  • Pool & Spa Automation
  • Simple colour touch screen
  • Automates up to 4 actuators (motorised) valves
  • 10 Outlets (2 are constant power)
  • controls pressure cleaners, water features, lights, solar, heating, and isolates spa
  • Wireless controls optional
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    Talk to the team at about your requirements; we help with replacement pool controllers or controllers for new pools. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us, and we will happily answer any questions. 


    Need installation? Call us on 02 9970 5115, and we will arrange the installation of pool controllers. 

    Connect 10 Commercial 


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