Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator Options

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The Equilbrium comes standard with Semi Automatic pH Control - intelligent software adjusts the dose rate of acid depending up on electrode output.

Viron eQuilibrium 2 - pH balance

Option 1. With pH Sensor Kit - a probe in the pool pipe tests the pH and adds acid as required.

Viron eQuilibrium 3 - pH Balance & Chlorine Management

Option 2. Chlorine Sensor Kit - automatically controls the chlorine level in the pool. If the Viron eQuilibrium salt chlorinator is used in conjuction with a Viron Pool Pump the intelligent Ai mode can be set.


Model Code RRP$
pH Probe Kit 520135 $594.00
Chlorine Sensor Kit (incl. 3m RJ12 Cable) 520136 $594.00

For more details please visit Astral Pool eQuilibrium Chlorinator Page.

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