Viron Inverter Heat Pump

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Astral Pool Viron Inverter Heater Pumps

The Viron Inverter Heat Pump range uses R32 Gas Refrigerant and inverter technology which offers higher efficiency and longer pipe runs and requires less refrigerant volume per kW. This means quicker heating times and less energy used to heat your pool and reduce electricity consumption.

With the included WiFi module, you can control the heater on the go with your smartphone. Monitor and set your pool's temperature even if you're away on a business trip or holiday through your home's WiFi. With the AquaTemp app, your pool temperature will always be right at your fingertips wherever you are!


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wi-Fi module included
  • Whisper quiet with silent mode
  • Super Efficient
  • Low operating Costs
  • Easy intuitive control of settings


Model No. Viron iHP90 Viron iHP120 Viron iHP170 Viron iHP195 Viron iHP242 Viron iHP283
AquaTemp app Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pool Coverage
Heating capacity 2.15~9 2.85~12 3.77~17 4.6~19.5 5.7~24.2 6.7~28.3
Water flow volume 53.33 L/m 70 L/m 88.33 L/m 111 L/m 143.33 L/m 166.67 L/m
Viron Connect compatible No No No Yes Yes Yes
Wifi module included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Input power 0.16~1.6 0.21~2.12 0.3~3.02 0.37~3.94 0.46~4.8 0.54~5.57
Water pressure drop (max) Kpa 4 4.5 5 6 11 15
Water connection 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Sound pressure 1M Db(A) 40-50 42-52 44-53 45-56 46-57 48-58
Power 10A Cable with plug 15A Cable with plug Single Phase Single Phase Single Phase Triple Phase
Voltage/phases/frequency 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 220-240V~/1Ph 380-415V/3Ph
Running current 0.69-6.9 Amp 0.9-9.2 Amp 1.3-13.1 Amp 1.6-17.1 Amp 2.0-20.8 Amp 1.1-9.3 Amp
Refrigerant type R32 R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
COP 13.44~5.63 13.57~5.66 12.57~5.63 12.43~4.95 12.39~5.04 12.41~5.08
Net Dimensions (L/W/H) 950×400×620 mm 950×400×620 mm 1110×480×870 mm 1110×480×870 mm 1110×480×1220 mm 1110×480×1220 mm


Click On download Calculator to calculate the appropriate heat pump for your pool. The Calculator opens an excel sheet where pool location and size details can be entered. The calculator will provide running costs and advise which model is best for you. 

Astral Heat Pump Calculator

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