Waterco SupaSkimmer

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Waterco SupaSkimmer Box

The SupaSkimmer is a large capacity skimmer box deal for large domestic, semi-commercial and commercial swimming pools. Because of its large capacity of 5.9 litre debris collection, it is also ideal for any swimming pool constructed in leafy environments.


  • Lock-down leaf basket and vacuum plate - holds the leaf basket and vacuum plate firm

  • Large capacity basket – 5.9 litres, over double the size of conventional skimmers

  • 2 x 50mm bottom suction ports – less water flow restrictions

  • 2 x 40mm side ports – ideal for wall mount cleaners

  • New child-resistant safety lid – prevents child accidents

  • Deeper body style – less chance of running pumping equipment dry

  • Built-in overflow drain port to assist the prevention of flooding during heavy rain

Skimmer Box Extension Ring

If the skimmer is to be installed so that the deck lid will not be secured to the skimmer body, Waterco recommends using a skimmer Extension Ring (624105) for trouble free installation. The Extension Ring sits snugly in between the skimmer body and the Deck Ring and is strong enough to hold its shape during concreting. Using the Extension Ring will prevent misalignment of the Deck Ring and the skimmer body. This will eliminate problems caused by concrete intruding into the skimmer box cavity. The Extension Ring will ensure there are no problems inserting/removing vacuum plates or other similar devices. An individual Extension Ring offers an extension of 60mm and can be piggybacked to give further extension of any multiples if required. (eg 120mm , 180mm etc).


Customer Reviews

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Maurice Parkinson

Very good quality, plastic body thicker than many. The 20 mm diameter pool overflow 'plug' at rear of top of skimmer, not large enough for Tropical Rain Conditions! (we have 250 mm or more in 24 hours sometimes during the wet/ monsoon season. The last skimmer overflow had to be enlarged to 50 mm to cope with the deluge after the Pool overflowed all around the Garden!! (Killing off a lot of plants due to salt/chlorine chemicals). This new skimmer has now been installed properly, not like the last one that must have been installed by a bunch of Cowboys!!!

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