Watermaid XT300 Salt Cell

SKU: XT300 - J/B
Available with either new style "Plug" connector (Quick Connector) or older style (3 wires which Screw Driver Connect to a Junction Box).
  • Genuine part
  • operate at 6000ppm Salt Levels
  • Compatible with WN40 Power Supply
  • Suites 40mm Pipe Size
  • Electrode length 20cm
  • Casing Length 33cm
  • Durable solid titanium electrode
  • longer Cell life (average 5 – 8 years)

Customer Reviews

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Quick delivery

Despite the cell not being in stock, Poolshop got it to me in 2 days. Once the power supply was fixed too it ran perfectly for a day and then the heavy rain set in and tested the hydrostatic valve so I have a mud pool now. Waiting for the rain to stop before turning the chlorinate on again. The last XT300 worked for 5 years, I’m positive it would have lasted longer but the white cap that keeps the anode and kathode separated fell off after cleaning the cell and turning the pump back on causing a short in the system. Just make sure that cap separating anode and kathode is tight still after cleaning before putting it back. I don’t think that is unique to the XT300 as the QT300 uses the same cap.

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