Zeolite Filter Media

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Zeolite Media

Zeolite filtration media can be used to replace sand in any sand filter. Zeolite is a high performance media allows the same filtration standards of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) with the convenience of sand.

A 15kg bag of Zeolite is equivalent in volume to a 20Kg bag of sand.

  • Reduces chemical usage and enhances chlorine performance
  • reduces pool odour, eye and skin irritation
  • Savings in costs of maintaining pool water in optimal condition
  • Keeps your pool sparkling clean
  • less backwashing

Regeneration of Zeolite

Regeneration is in NO way necessary for the provision of good filtration, only for effective ion exchange. 

Zeolite absorbs ammounium ions and over time it will become saturated with these ions and will not be able to absorb any more. The process of regeneration removes absorbed ammounium ions and refreshed the Zeolite. *If you would like the Zeolite to continue to remove ammounium ions the filter needs to be opened once per year, a salt solution added into the filter, left over night and then back washed out.  This is not compulsory.

How Often Does Zeolite Need to be Changed?

Filter Manufacturers have always recommended sand changes every 4-6 years. Zeolite is as hard as sand so it will last just as long.

FREIGHT NOTE - if you would like to purchase Zeolite Filter Media you will need to call us on 02 9970 5115 to arrange delivery.  Flat fee of $10 does not apply to filter media as the regular courier will not deliver.  Zeolite media weighs 15 kgs per bag.  Freight will be calculated on the number of bags, weight and location.


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Great so Far

We were recommended to use this product by the professionals and all seems to be fantastic. t was only installed approx two weeks ago so still early days!

filter media

best stuff to use by far.

Sand filter

Great product good people to deal with

filter and heater replacement

In short, they were a lot cheaper than going direct to the manufacturer and the chap that I dealt with (James) was knowledgeable and obliging. The products were as sold too.

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