Zippered All-Purpose Bag (280)

SKU: w7230102

Polaris 280 Bag

Our range of genuine Polaris 280 Bags include an All Purpose Bag with the choice of Velcro or Zipper fastener, which are suitable for all debris. Speciality Polaris 280 Leaf Bags for collection of mostly large leaves, nuts and twigs and the Sand and Silt bag for finer debris.  

We supply only genuine Polaris 280 bags and the Polaris 280 Zipper All Purpose Bag is the original bag that is supplied when purchasing the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner. The choice of velcro or zipper closure is personal preference. Both the zipper and Velcro versions of Polaris 280 Bags are long lasting. Leaves and debris can get stuck in either velcro or on zipper mechanisms. 

Polaris 280 Zippered All Purpose 

  • Zipper Closing
  • Polaris 280 Bag
  • Heavy duty and chemical resistant
  • Genuine Polaris Replacement Part
  • Factory Warranty
  • Authorized Polaris Dealer
  • Part Number w7230105
  • Previous Code K13
  • Genuine Polaris 280 Bags

Other Polaris 280 Bags in the Polaris Range

Zippered All Purpose Bag
  • Zipper fastener
  • K13 Polaris Code
  • standard bag that comes with the Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner
  • Part Number W7230102
  • Barcode 738919020368
All Purpose 280 Bag
  • Velcro fastener
  • K16 Polaris Code
  • Part Number W7230105
  • Barcode 738919003729
Polaris Sand and Silt Bag
  • Velcro Closure
  • K14 Polaris Code
  • Finer Bag than All Purpose Bags
  • Part Number w7230103
  • Barcode 738919007147
Polaris Leaf Bag
  • Velcro Closing
  • Onlu Bigs up large debris - will not pick up sand
  • K15 Polaris Code
  • Part Number W7230104
  • Barcode 738919003712


We can help if you are looking to replace your pool cleaner or pool cleaner parts for a repair. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Polaris parts.

Polaris Repairs

Can't do it yourself? We are happy to repair your Polaris Pool Cleaner for you.  Call us and arrange a repair.

Located too Far Away! Send us your pool cleaner and we will repair it and send it back to you. We only use genuine Polaris 280 Parts and Polaris 280 Bags.



Customer Reviews

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Steve Petrakis
Polaris 280 zippered bag

Part was delivered within a few days, thanks again for the quick service

Jo-Ellen Banks
Polaris Zippered All-Purpose Bag (280)

Good price, good quality and fast delivery. Thank you PoolShop

Linda McIntyre
Polaris Zippered All-Purpose Bag (280)

Quality product, very fast delivery. Polaris bags are exy (can be 'exy-er' if bought elsewhere!!) but they're made to last.

Conrad Sinclair

Great price and delivered quickly.

Geoff Roarty
Geoff Roarty

Great product,very good prices and fast delivery time

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