Zodiac AquaLink TRi


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Zodiac AquaLink TRi Controller

The Aqualink TRi is an affordable 4 function control system with many benefits of the more sophisticated Jandy Aqualink System but at minimal price. No need for a Power Centre and seperate interface panel, the Aqualink Tri has it all in one compact unit.

The AquaLink Tri System includes:

  • a power centre with control PCB (will require an electrician for initial installation)
  • 4 x relays (Controls 4 Standard Power Sockets and 3 x valve actuators)
  • air and water temperature sensors
  • available in Pool or Pool/Spa Versions (Pool & Spa Versions include 2 x Jandy Actuators)


iAqualink Option

iAqualink allows you to control your pool equipment from anywhere. All that is required is access to the internet and a spart device ie. phone, tablet or computer.

This allows you to turn on your spa, your garden lights  and the pool lights on the way home from work.

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