Zodiac ZS500 Heat Pump

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Zodiac ZS500 MD5 & ZS500 MD8

The Zodiac ZS500 range of pool heat pump utilises energy-efficient inverter technology. 

The ZS500 has a vertical fan which means smaller clearances, allowing installation behind a wall or trees without compromising its performance.

The user-friendly and simple design of the ZS500’s controls interface allows you to set your desired water temperature and select your heating mode in a single step.

Three Modes:-

  1. ECO mode, the pool heater only uses 50% of the available energy, saving you money in the long run. It also is the quietest mode at as little as 25 decibels. 
  2. Smart mode operates between 50-100%
  3. Boost mode allows full power enabling quick heat-up times 


  • Compact size
  • User-friendly controls interface
  • Vertical blower unit for discreet installation
  • Three operation modes
  • Intelligent programming for optimum performance

    Important note: to purchase a Zodiac heat pump you are required to complete a form to ensure the heater is suitable for your pool and meets your requirements.  Once the analysis (takes approximately 3 days) is complete and a report is supplied to you the heater can be dispatched. To start this process please call us on (02) 9970 5115. 

    Model No. MD5 (15kw) MD8 (20kw)
    Pool Coverage
    Recommended Pool Volume 80,000L 110,000L
    Maximum Operating Power 13.9A 22A
    Nominal Operating Power 10A 15A
    Electric Power Supply 230V / 1 / 50Hz 230V / 1 / 50Hz
    Hydraulic Connection PVC ∅40 or 50 1/2 unions to glue PVC ∅40 or 50 1/2 unions to glue
    Average Water Flow 5000L/h 6000L/h
    COP (Coefficient of Performance) (at Air=28°C) 5.4 6
    Consumed Power (at Air=28°C) 1.6kW 2.6kW
    Operating Power Minimum (at Air=28°C) 7.8kW 10.5kW
    Operating Power Medium (at Air=28°C) 11.4kW 15.6kW
    Operating Power Maximum (at Air=28°C) 11.6kW 20kW
    Power Cable Size 3 × 2.5 (For a maximum length of 20m) 3 × 6 (For a maximum length of 20m)
    Acoustic Pressure at 10m 38/34/29 (dB(A)) 39/36/25 (dB(A))

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