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Aquaquip Halogen Light Parts: We carry a range of parts to repair your Aquaquip Wall Mounted Pool Lights.

Halogen lights are notorious for leaking. The problem is that they heat up and cool down which draws water into the light. Complete replacement lights are also available and they are usually the best option to get your pool lights working again.

Aquaquip QC Light Replacements

Aquaquip now manufactures LED Pool Lights and these can be purchased as replacements for their Halogen lights. The Aquaquip QC Range of Pool lights are available in Blue, Green, White and Multi Colour. A kit is supplied to join your existing cable to the new light. These new lights are LED which create less heat and use less power. They are suitable to replace most wall mounted pool lights.


We can help if you are looking to replace existing pool lights. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on pool lights.


Need installation? Call us and we can arrange installation and light repairs.  If you are handy replacement Lights are a DIY job. We can also arrange Aquaquip Halogen Light parts for repairs.


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