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Pool Covers

Pavis Pool Covers are Australian-made and available as solar pool covers and non-heating pool covers. Pavis Pool Covers almost eliminates water loss from evaporation, increases the months you can swim each year, and reduces the time spent cleaning your pool by keeping the leaves out of your pool.

The choice of cover will depend on your location. Solar Covers add heat to the pool and are suitable for most areas in Australia. Non-heating pool covers will protect the pool from the sun and are generally only used in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.



  • Australian Made

  • Reduces Evaporation by up to 99.84%

  • Green Product - category 4 LDPE Fully Recyclable 

  • Smart Approved WaterMark

  • Climate Care Certified

  • Heats pool by up to 8 Degrees - extends the swimming season

  • Reduces chemical consumption

  • UV Stabilised for Australian conditions

Bronze Shield: Pavis 400 Micron Pool Covers are the lightest weight and most economical of our range. They are durable covers and offer a 5 Year pro rata warranty. Stops evaporation by 99.84%
Silver Shield: Pavis 500 Micron Translucent covers are durable and offer a 8 Year pro-rata warranty. Stops evaporation by 99.84%
Gold Sheild: Pavis Gold Level Pool Covers are available in solar and non -heating covers. These covers offer the latest of colours and a 8 Year warranty. Stops evaporation by 99.84%


Solar Pool Covers

Solar Covers increase the time to swim by increasing the water temperature. Pool Covers have the additional benefit of insulating heated pools, and this means you are helping the existing heater with insulation and adding solar energy to the pool. Solar energy can add as much as 8 degrees to the pool water.

Non-Heating Pool Covers

Tropical areas where the pools are already warm use Non-Heating Pool Covers. The opaque material blocks out the sun, while its reflective properties reflect the sun's heat while not absorbing it into the pool, keeping your pool cooler during the summer months.

Measuring your pool

Measure your pool at the waterline, select the shape of your pool above and enter in your pool measurements. For measuring purposes treat, Oval Pools, Kidney Pools, Freeform Pools, and Roman Pools as rectangles. It is always necessary to cut the cover to fit your pool correctly. 


Pavis Pool Covers are easy to install, and most pool owners will do it themselves. 

Note The cover will be delivered approximately150mm longer and 150mm wider to allow for shrinkage.

Essential Points About Your Pavis Pool Cover

  1. It will cut chemical consumption by around 50%. Automated chlorinators must be adjusted appropriately. Failure to do so will result in over-chlorination and damage to your cover.
  2. Check chlorine levels regularly. Chlorine levels should never exceed 3ppm - to do so will damage a solar cover and void any warranty.
  3. When super-chlorinating, remove the cover and not replace it until chlorine levels have returned to normal.
  4. New solar covers will shrink. Never trim precisely to size upon installation - allow for several cm all around, and wait for at least 2-3 weeks before doing a final trim.
  5. A solar blanket must always be covered when rolled up. If left uncovered, the layers heat up and can melt. 
  6. Never swim under a solar cover. The cover sticks to the water surface, so there is no air underneath it. Pool owners must completely remove covers from the pool before swimming.

Please allow around a week for Pavis Pool Covers delivery.

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