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Pool Return Cleaners

The Polaris 360 is a Pool Return Cleaner.  Pool Return cleaners are a great alternative to Pressure Cleaners for leafy pools that don't have dedicated pressure lines.  The Polaris 360 pool return cleaner connects to the pool return using special connections called Stub Pipe Connectors and works in conjunction with your pools filtration system.

How pool return cleaners work is with the water that flows back into the swimming pool drives the gears in the pool cleaner which then creates movement forcing water through 3 jets that pushes debris into the bag of the cleaner. 

Pool Return Cleaners will put a lot of back pressure on the pool system. The Polaris 360 works extremely well however we recommend these types of cleaners as a last resort for leafy swimming pools.

Unlike Pressure Pool Cleaners which have a dedicated pump and delay switch, Pool Return cleaners such as the Polaris 360 will operate for the entire filtration period leaving a sparkling clean pool.


  • Stub Pipe Connectors which connect the cleaner to the pool return line. These connectors expand into the pipe and allow the Polaris to connect. These connectors are usually for 40mm but other sizes are available.


Our team at www.poolshop.com.au pride themselves on providing our customers with the best advise and will help find the right type of pool cleaner for your pool.  We only stock and recommend the best quality pool equipment.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will happily answer your questions and let you know if the Polaris 360 is a good fit for your pool and will meet your expectations. 


Need installation? Call us on 02 9970 5115 and we will arrange a technician for installation of Polaris 360 Pool Return Cleaners in most metrolpolitian areas across Australia.

The Polaris 360 Pool Return Cleaner is a great replacement for the Ray Vac Pool Return Cleaners that are no longer available.



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