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Pool Heaters are a popular addition to pools and spas. A heater extends the time that you can use you pool but we always recommend gas heaters for spas.

The type of heater that is best for you will depend upon:

  1. How often you will using the pool
  2. Which months you would like to swim
  3. The desired water temperature
  4. Availability of fuel ie gas or electricity


If you are in the market to replace an existing pool, spa heater or wish to install a new one we will assist you to select the right product to suit your requirements. Our range includes small electric spa heaters, fast heat up time gas heaters and efficient swimming pool heat pumps. 

Pool Heater Options

Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters are the most common type of heaters used on pools and spas. They are available in LPG and Natural Gas versions. Gas heaters are usually installed outide but most models can be flued for indoor installation.

Electric Heaters

These type heaters gave a large metal coil which is immersed in a metal or plastic tube similar to a kitchen kettle. The resistance causes the metal to heat up when voltage is applied and current passes through it. These heaters are inefficient and although bigger 3 phase models are available, the increases in technology means that they are rarely used. 

Heat Pumps

A Heat Pump is not an electric heater but is like a reverse cycle-air-conditioner. Heat energy is taken out of the surrounding air and then is transfered by heat exchanger to the pool water.  Heat exchangers are not designed to heat the pool quickly, but are designed to maintain water temperature. Unless they are oversized they are best to extend the season rather than been able to heat all year round. Heat Pumps are the best choice for maintaining temperature.

Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers are able add 6 to 8 degrees in summer months and due to their insulation properties they are great to use in conjection with any pool heater.


Please call us to discuss options for pool heaters.


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