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Swimming Pool Chlorinators

Pool chlorinators keep your swimming pool looking sparkling clear and will also prevent harmful growth of bacteria, viruses and algae.  The choice of chlorinator depends on what type of pool chlorinator will work best for your pool and how you like the water to feel.

We stock pool chlorinator chemical dosers that connect to acid and chlorine drums and salt water pools that use either salt or minerals.

A saltwater pool generates the chlorine onsite via the chlorinator whereas a chlorine dosing system uses liquid chlorine that attaches to a drum. 

Salt Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinators are the most popular means of chlorination. A salt water swimming pool isn't any better than a chlorine pool because it is still a chlorine swimming pool but produced in a different way.

The main advantage of a Salt Chlorinators means no more regular trips to the pool shop to collect chlorine. As salt is not used up in the process of making chlorine you will not need to pick up salt on a regular basis either. Salt does need to be replaced when the pool is diluted, so expect to add salt a few times throughout the year. The frequency will depend upon rainfall.

Salt Chlorinators can also use mineral blends to create chlorine. Minerals are usually magnesium based so this produces a softer feeling water which lots of people find desirable.

Some of the more modern salt chlorinators now have an automatic acid feeder and the ability to measure chlorine so that manual adjustment is not required. The popularity of salt chlorinators is there simpicity.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemical feeds draw chemicals out of drums and dose them automatically into the pool. There are 2 main types of dosers - 


Semi-Automatic Chemical Doses do either acid or chlorine and they do not have probes to read the water chemistry.  It means they rely on the user testing the pool and making adjustments to the chlorinator settings. The Astrla RolaChem RC1 falls within this category.

Automatic Chemical Dosers

Fully automatic chlorinators include the Rolachem RC9 and Chemigem D10. These Chlorinators have probes and read the water chemistry. The chlorinator is attached to two drums, one chlorine and one acid. The unit will feed from these drums and correct the chemistry automatically.  These types of units are mandatory for commercial pools but also popular in residential pools.

Fresh Water Chlorinators

Fresh water pools are now proving popular, these systems produce minimal chlorine through the process of electrolysis while passing through the treatment cell. These systems leave you with a extremely clean water.

The Enviroswim fresh water pool chlorinator uses a powerful combination of silver and copper electrodes, ionization and ultrasonices the system removing the "nasties" from the swimming pool.  This type of system leaves you with clean and pure water.   The Enviroswim system initial outlay is greater than salt and chlorine pool chlorinators but leaves you with a highly desirable pool feel.  Contact us to discuss if the Enviroswim system meets your expectations.

The Range

Our range is extensive, stocking only the best quality brands such as Astral Hurlcon, Enviroswim, Zodiac, Watermaid and more.  We highly recommend the Astral Hurlcon pool chlorinator systems - salt or chlorine dosers ranging from entry level systems to fully automated systems.  We have units that dose acid and balance the complete pool.  *The Astral VIRON range must be sold and installed by a registered tradesperson.  Contact us to discuss what pool chlorinator will best suit your pool.


Talk to the team at poolshop.com.au  and we'll assist you to find the right pool chlorinator for your pool.  Call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact Us by email.


Need installation?  It's easy, call us on 02 9970 5115 and we will arrange installation of your pool chlorinator in most metrolpolitan areas across Australia.

Pool Chlorinators are from all major brands.

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