AstralPool Viron Salt Chlorinators

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Astral Pool Viron Chlorinators


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V18 10807
V25 10808
V35 10816
V45 10817  

Viron Chlorinators feature DC switch mode power supplies which are not only more energy efficient but a lot lighter than other chlorinators with transformers.  

  • advanced electronic power supply provides pure DC power
  • intelligent self cleaning - ensuring the cell is clean and extending the cells life 
  • Touch pad and time clock control (with the ability to switch timers off and use an external controller)
  • The Viron series salt chlorinators are available in 4 different sizes
  • in built time clock which can be disabled when connecting to an external time clock system
  • 5 year warranty on the cell and 5 year pro rata on the power pack. 

The Viron Chlorinator is suitable for use with pool salt or AstralPool’s unique AcquaTherepe Minerals which give the pool water a softer feel and help prevent staining and calcification.

Viron Chlorinator has been designed with fine mesh screens and a long life cooling fan to help seal and cool critical electronic components. Even the LCD display is specially constructed to withstand high temperature and UV radiation in the harsh Australian environment


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Viron Salt Chlorinator - Connecting the Cell

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Installation Menu

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Run On Timer

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Safety Backwash

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Setting the Clock

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Output Control



Customer Reviews

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Astral V25 viron

Had my v25 viron for just over 8yrs before it started failing. Would work then wouldn’t. So I replace like for like. The new one has Bluetooth which I thought was a gimmick but it makes everything pretty easy to operate.
8 yrs isn’t long, but the property was rented out and I have no idea what went on. So the new one better last +10yrs
The pool shop gave me great advice and a brilliant price.


Excellent service

Astral V35 Chlorinator

So far so good. Product and service are very good. Price was the very best in the industry. Unit has been installed just five days ago and is working perfect.
Easy to use via Bluetooth application.


Excellent,works perfectly

Life time is too short

I have purchased V35 Chlorinator / Viron Pump / Sand filter in March 2013. Everything had been working perfect! I thought it is an Awesome product!

Unfortunately, in April 2018, V35 Cell died and I have got warranty replacement and the system is working just fine!

But yesterday, V35 Chlorinator has refused to work anymore and I took to pool shop and they will send to manufacturer to get it fixed.
I do not know how much it will cost me this time!
This is a very expensive system but only last 5 years - I am very concern about its reliability! The same cost I can buy more than two normal system and they can last more than 10 years by my past experience!

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