AstralPool Viron Salt Chlorinators

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Astral Pool Viron Salt Chlorinators

Viron Salt Chlorinators feature DC switch mode power supplies which are not only more energy efficient but a lot lighter than other chlorinators with transformers. 

  • advanced electronic power supply provides pure DC power
  • intelligent self cleaning - ensuring the cell is clean and extending the cells life 
  • Touch pad and time clock control (with the ability to switch timers off and use an external controller)

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Available in 4 different sizes:


Warm Climate

Rec. Retail $

V18 - 18gm

35,000 L


V25 - 25gm

50,000 L


V35 - 35gm

75,000 L


V45 - 45 gm

100,000 L



Viron Salt Chlorinator - Connecting the Cell

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Installation Menu

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Run On Timer

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Safety Backwash

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Setting the Clock

Viron Salt Chlorinator - Output Control


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