Astral Pool (Hurlcon) Multiport Valve

SKU: 76032

Suitable for RX, E Series, and FG

Parts 3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11 and 15 are included (see diagram)

Customer Reviews

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Good value and accessory kit

Valve was well priced and I received a full accessory kit when I ordered the base O ring and three joiners. So now I have virtually new filter that works as good as new with little effort to fit the top valve.

Xmas pool drama

It been a very windy wild few days and the pool was covered in leaves. I started the pump and had the water running across the top of the pool to gather the leaves. just then old friends drove in, and time got away. I came in to make them a cuppa, and OMG, the basket was blocked with leaves and the multiport valve had shat itself, water spraying skywards. We live on tank water, so water is precious. Lost the water down to the bottom of the skimmer box. Found you online, saying you were the cheapest, so ordered the multiport valve. It arrived almost before I'd paid for it. Great, but alas alak, I'd thought it was 50mm, but no it was 40mm. WTF. Emails were answered immediately saying I shouldn't try and convert all the pipes to 50mm. Send it back. The it was the Monday before Xmas with 18 people coming and 35 deg forecast!!! Helpful Heidi suggested I pay and order the 40 mm rather than wait for the 50mm to get back to you. Done Tues, and BMD (blow me down!) the part arrived Thurs. All connected up and running beautifully. So my customer review is that your customer service was totes awesome. I always prefer to buy locally, cos that supports my community, but this time my prejudice against the impersonal distant anonymous nature of online shopping was proven unfounded. Thanks for all that help.

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