Suction Pool Cleaners

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Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction Pool Cleaners connect to the pools skimmer box and run whenever the pool system is on.  As these cleaners use the skimmer box they do reduce the skimming effect of the pool. Each time the pool pump switches on the pool cleaner starts up and moves around the pool. Robotic Pool Cleaners run off power and pressure pool cleaners their own dedicated pump.

Shop our range of uncomplicated and reliable Pool Cleaners which will suit almost any pool surface.  At we supply only the best models and brands such as the Zodiac G2, AX10 (upgraded MX8), Onga Hammerhead, Pentair Rebel, Hayward Pool Vac and more at Australia's best prices.  Need help?  Contact us today.

Suction Cleaners are the most affordable of all pool cleaners and fall into the following two types -

  • Mechanical Pool Cleaners

Non-mechanical Suction Cleaners have a rubber circular & mat or disk;and primarily follow the pool hose in the pool.  The driving force is created by either a rubber diaphragm or hammer because they do not have a mechanical mechanism inside, Suction Cleaners will miss areas and results will vary between pools shapes, sizes, steps, ledges and debris load and type. The Onga HammerHead, Zodiac G2, T5 & T3, Kreepy Kraully suction cleaners all fall within this category.  Our picks for non mechanical pool cleaners are the Onga Hammerhead and the Zodiac G2. 

  • Mechanical Pool Cleaners

Mechanical Suction cleaners have internal gears. These gears allow the cleaner to make a series of turns and solve the problem of poor coverage that may be experienced with non-mechanical pool cleaners. The Zodiac MX6, AX10 (updated and improved MX8) and Pentair Rebel fall into this category.


We will help you find the right pool cleaner for your pool and advise if a suction cleaner is going to meet your needs.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.

Being Zodiac Titanium Partners we stock only Zodiac's high end range of suction cleaners.  Zodiac suction cleaners are compatible with variable speed pumps and the Cyclonic Leaf Canister.  

View our selection of Suction Pool Cleaners. 

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