Reltech Pool Pumps

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Reltech is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in quality pool equipment. Reltech designs, manufactures, and assembles their equipment in Melbourne. 

Reltech has a range of single speed and variable speed pumps that retrofit in to the Astral pool pumps so that there is no plumbing changes when you are replacing a failed Astral Pump. 

The Reltech Platinum Series pumps

  • replace BX single pool pumps
  • Platinum Variable speed replaces the Astral P300 pool pump.

The Eco Flo V3 PRO Series

  • equivalent to the Astral P280, P320 and P320 XT pool pumps.
  • 1.25 Hp
  • Variable speed motor
  • reduced energy cost by 50-70%

EcoFlo V5 PRO Series 

  • equivalent to the Astral P520 XT 
  • 1.75 Hp
  • Variable Speed
  • reduced energy cost by 50-70%


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