Astral P320 XT Pool Pump

Astral P320 XT Energy Efficient Pool Pump


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The Astral P320 XT energy pump is a unique variable-speed permanent magnet DC motor. Incredibly efficient this pump is 9 star energy rated.  When installed correctly, the Viron XT will significantly reduce operating costs, lower noise levels and reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Energy efficient pumps save electricity by slowing down water flow rates. Speeds are set to suit the pool filter size, plumbing and application. 

Astral Viron P320 XT pumps have the ability to control the prime speed of the pump. Unlike most other energy efficient pumps priming speed and duration can be set. The new XT now allows for 30% quicker priming with it motor now able to do 3600RPM.

Variable speed pumps work extremely well with robotic pool cleaners as they do not depend on your filtration system.

Features of the Astral P320 XT Pump -

  • Australian Made pool pump (many of the competitors pumps are made in Asia)
  • 9 Star Energy Rating
  • Variable Speed Control Whisper Quiet
  • LED display shows RPM of motor
  • Suitable for filters up to 800mm (30") 
  • up to 3600 RPM allows faster priming than regular pool pumps
  • When used correctly, save $700 every year in operating costs

IMPORTANT NOTE - All Astral Viron equipment must be sold with an installation.  Please contact us so we can assist you through this process. 

To view videos of the Astral P320 XT Pool Pump, visit --> Viron XT Video

Astral P320 Energy Efficient Pump


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P.P. installed an astral pool pump in Matraville
Fantastic Service
Great service
Pump will not perform as advertised.
Hi Ross, I see you are not a verified buyer which means you haven't purchased this pump through us. You should really be contacting the company that sold you the pump but if you call me I will advise you on what has been incorrectly set. Astral has strict guidelines that the company that sells you this particular pump also arranges the installation. From your review this does not appear to have taken place and sounds like a user error rather than a problem with the pump. Kind Regards James.
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