Jet Vac Pool Cleaner


The most established pressure cleaning system available, the Jet Vac Pool Cleaner has the reputation as the Rolls Royce of pressure pool cleaners.  Made in Sydney, the Jet Vac was the first pressure cleaner ever made.  The Jet Vac will run 2-3 hours daily operating from a dedicated pressure line and booster pump.  Suitable for any surface, the Jet Vac has a huge throat that will pick up almost any debris making it ideal for a very leafy pool.  Easy to maintain and spare parts are better value compared to it's competition. 

*We recommend if you are building a pool and undecided on a pool cleaner, make sure you pool is plumbed with a provision otherwise a costly exercise.

What do you get?

  • Jet Vac Cleaner Head
  • 9.1m Hoses (Light Blue Hose 4.9m, Dark Blue Hose 4.2m)
  • Bayonet Wall Fitting Complete (new style) JVW22
  • 2 Year Warranty

Warranty Information

This warranty excludes:-
1. Whip hose and feed hose (which are warranted free of defects when shipped from Aqua-Quip).
2. Any wear and tear items (tyres, wheels, bearings, bags, gears etc) which are warranted free of defects when shipped from Aqua-Quip.
3. Any damage accident, injury, loss, failure or malfunction of the equipment due to improper maintenance or operation.
4. Any damage to parts or injury from improper installation or from pump running dry.
5. Any damage, malfunction, failure or change of appearance due to chemical reaction.


Jetvac Brochure

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