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Daisy Non Heating Pool Covers

Daisy Titanium Cool Pool Covers are perfect for Tropical Australia where pool temperatures are too high. These 525 Micron opaque pools covers allows virtually no light into the pool and reflects heat resulting in reduced evaporation and reduced pool temperatures. 

Note The cover will be delivered approximately 300mm longer and 150mm wider to allow for shrinkage.

Daisy Pool Covers increase the months you can swim each year. 

Daisy manufactures solar pool covers and non-heating pool covers. The choice of pool cover will depend on your location. Solar Pool Covers add heat to the pool and are suitable for most areas in Australia. Non heating pool covers will protect the pool from the sun and are generally only used in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Daisy Pool Covers reduce the time spending cleaning your pool by keep the leaves out of your pool. When you are installing your pool cover it is a good idea to cut a flap into your skimmer so that leaves can easily be hosed into the skimmer box. 

Daisy Pool Covers almost eliminates water loss from evaporation. 

Non Heating Pool Covers

Pool Covers are available in Non-Heating which are generally sold into Tropical areas where pools are already warm. The opaque material totally blocks-out the sun and its reflective properties mean that this pool cover will reflect the suns heat while not absorbing it into the pool cover material. This keeps your pool cooler during the summer months.

Measuring your pool

Measure you pool at the waterline, select the shape of your pool above and enter in your pool measurements. Oval Pools, Kidney Pools, Freeform Pools and Roman Pools are treated as rectangles. It is always necessary to cut the cover to fit your pool properly. 


Installing Daisy Pool Covers is easy and most pool owners will do it themselves. If you live in Sydney or Perth we can also arrange Daisy to install your pool cover and roller. You will still need to measure your pool. 

Note The cover will be delivered approximately 300mm longer and 150mm wider to allow for shrinkage.

Bonus Offer:- Free Connection Kit with All Solar Covers - Valued at $29!

For more information on Daisy Non Heating Pool Covers visit Daisy Pool Covers.

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