Waterco Micron Side Mount Filters

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Waterco Side Mount Pool Sand Filters

Waterco Side Mount Sand Filters are perfect in situations where there are height restrictions. Waterco Micron Side Mount Sand Filters are fiberglass constructed with a blow moulded inner shell of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin.

Micron Fibreglass filters have proven reliability and consist of an inner shell of fibreglass reinforced with multiple layers of continuous strands of fibreglass filaments.

The Micron fiberglass sand filters operate on "depth filtration." Dirt is driven through the sand bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of sand. Cleaning the filter requires turning the filter's Multiport lever from the "filter" position to the "backwash position," which reverses the water flow in the filter, flushing the filter bed.


  • Inflow diffuser for even distribution of water flow across the filter bed.
  • Pressure gauge
  • Six position Multiport valve with sight glass and quick connect half unions
  • Fibreglass wound tank, UV and Corrosion Resistant
  • Hydraulically balanced laterals to maximise water flow and filtration
  • Manual Drain
  • Large filter base for stable floor mounting


Residential Warranty |Tank Warranty - 10 warranty | Other Components - 1 year 

Commercial Warranty | Tank Warranty 5-year (1 year full + 4 years pro-rata) tank warranty and 1-year warranty on all other components.

Please refer to Waterco’s warranty terms and conditions

For further information, please visit http://www.waterco.com.au/

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