Waterco Micron Side Mount Filters

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Waterco Side Mount Pool Sand Filters

Waterco Micron Side Mount Sand Filters are fiberglass constructed with a blow moulded inner shell of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin.

Waterco Side Mount Sand Filters are perfect in installation where there are high restrictions.

Micron Fibreglass filters have proven reliabilty and are constructed with the latest in fibreglass technology.

The Micron fiberglass sand filters operate on the basis of “depth filtration”. Dirt is driven through the sand bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of sand. Cleaning the filter simply requires turning the filter’s Multiport lever from the "filter" position to the "backwash position, which reverses the flow of water in the filter, flushing the filter bed.

For further information please visit http://www.waterco.com.au/

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