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Waterco Pool Pumps are available in a wide range of models. Waterco offers a variety of pool filtration pumps and special purpose pumps. The range from general purpose pumps like the Supatuf suitable for average pools to your more powerful Hydrostorm pump which has been designed to work in large residential and commercial pools.  

Whether you are looking for a pump for a new swimming pool, or a replacement pump for an existing pool, Waterco has a great range of energy-efficient models to choose from. Equipped with a power saving three-speed motor, the Supatuf ECO Pool Pump automatically lowers its energy usage and reduces its operating noise levels. Then there's the Hydrostorm ECOV variable speed motor range, which is designed to have all the extra power you need to cope with ancillary systems like water features and swim spa jets while still benefiting from an energy saving variable speed motor.


Hydrostorm ECO-V Pool Pump

  • available as a ECO-V 100 and ECO-V 150
  • varaiable speed energy efficient pool pumps
  • 8 Star Energy Rated
  • fine tune pump speed in 25RPM increments
  • quiet operation

Supatuf ECO Pump

  • 3 speed motor
  • 7 star Energy rated
  • quiet operation

Turboflo Pump

  • designed for pools and sps with high flow requirements
  • adjustable wet end to suit 5 plumbing configurations
  • 5 models available from 1hp to 3 Hp.

Hydrostorm Plus Pool Pump

  • same proven quality of Hydrostorm pool pumps
  • innovated lid and locking ring for easy maintenance
  • larger 2.25L strainer basket
  • Available in 3 Phase
  • 2.5Hp and 3 Hp model
  • high head pump

Hydrostorm Pool Pump

  • designed for demanding application
  • high head pump
  • 50mm unions
  • available in 1hp, 1.5Hp and 2 Hp
  • 2.1l Strainer

Supatuf Pool Pump

  • ideal for large domestic pools
  • handles applications where high flow rates are required ie waterfalls, swim jets, heating and infloor cleaning.
  • 1hp, 1.5Hp and 2 Hp
  • 50mm unions
  • 2.1l strainer

Hydrotuf Pool Pumps

  • Innovated lid and locking collar for easy access
  • large 2.25 l strainer capacity
  • available in a 1 hp and 1.5hp
  • 50mm unions

Supastream Pool Pump

  • general purpose low pressure applicaions
  • 1.5l strainer basket
  • available in 0.5hp to 1.5Hp models

Aquastream MKII Solar Pump

  • compatible for solar
  • protect by secondary seal
  • available in 0.5ho. 0.75hp, 1hp and 1.5hp



We will help you find the right pool pump for your pool and advise on the range of Waterco Pool Pumps we recommend.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.


Need installation? Call us on 02 9970 5115 and we will arrange installation of Waterco Pool Pumps in most metrolpolitian areas.

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