Astral PVA Brush for RB/RBX/RT/RTX/Pandora Smart/Pandora Pilot

SKU: PP03009GY

Astral PVA Brush

Part PP03009GY

Two brushes are required for these cleaner models -

RB/RBX/RT/RTX/Pandora Smart/Pandora Pilot

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Craig Slarke

Very quick response thanks

James Stuart
Astral PVA Brush

These have proved to be terrific. My old brushes were down to their bare gums and were not doing the job. The replacements were delivered promptly and now are (to continue the analogy) making a meal out of the task allocated to them - that is, cleaning up all the dust and leaf litter that the four winds blow into our pool. The pool is much cleaner. Even picks up Northern Rivers Funnel Webs. My one other comment is that I had to cut the brushes in half to be able to fit them onto their axles, even using cooking oil to help slide them on as the axles on my machine are solid and wide. All's well that ends well. I hope to get another couple of years out of my 6-year old Astral RB robot pool cleaner as a result.

Greg Arkell

Very satisfied prompt and professional

Kate Davis
Online purcjase

Outstanding!! Arrived within two day’s!!

Robotic Roller brushes

Great replacement roller brushes. Well pacakaged and easily fitted. The old machine works like new again.

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