Lochlor Chlorine Remover

SKU: 60CR500G

CHLORINE REMOVER - Sodium Thiosulphate

Not a Dangerous Good


  • Reduces chlorine and bromine levels in pools and spas
  • Compatible with all other pool chemicals
  • Results in hours
  • Highly concentrated
  • Does not reduce chloramines or combined chlorine levels

Important Notes

  • This product is extremely potent. For domestic swimming pools only add one capful at a time. Don't use more than indicated as achieving a chlorine level will become very difficult.
  • When using in a fibre glass pool, pre-dissolve in a bucket. Direct addition of Chlorine Remover can cause staining of fibre glass surfaces when the pool water is incorrectly balanced.

Dosage Table:                                                                                                    

TO DECREASE P.P.M. 30,000 L 50,000 L 75,000 L 100,000 L
1.0 P.P.M.    30 gm 50 gm 75 gm 100 gm
2.0 P.P.M. 60 gm 100 gm 150 gm 200 gm
5.0 P.P.M. 150 gm 250 gm 375 gm 500 gm
10.0 P.P.M. 300 gm 500 gm  750 gm 1 Kg


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