Viron Connect Gateway

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Astral Viron Gateway

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The AstralPool Connect 10 Wireless provides the pool owner the ability to control all pool equipment, valves, heaters and chlorinators from anywhere using a smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android).

The Viron Gateway allows you to turn the lights on or heat your spa on from your lounge room, from your car on your way home or from the other side of the world.

**Important Note - All Astral Viron equipment must be sold with an installation to meet manufacturers policy.

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Astral Pool Viron Gateway

Customer Reviews

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Viron Connect Gateway

The Gateway is a great unit that enables complete access to your pool equipment from any computer (via website access) and smart phone app. As mentioned in another review a 6 wire straight through RJ12 cable is required for the unit to work, available from Astral Pool as a special order. This cable is different to "normal" RJ12 cables which are the crossover type. I cannot understand why the unit does not get supplied with this special cable in the box.
The pool shop were great to deal with and very helpful with installation instructions and directions, I will be using them again for sure!

Viron internet gateway

I bought the product because someone at work has it and it works awesome for them. However it hasn't worked for me yet as the product doesn't tell you, that you need a straight through 6 wire RJ12 cable, only an RJ12 cable. Most places sell as standard a 4 wire cable and usually crossover however the labelling at JBHiFi or other places don't tell you what type the cable is. you have to manually look yourself. Strange that the manual doesn't tell you and no cable packaging tell you what you are getting. I have had to order this 'special cable' from 4Cabling and hope that it will work once I get it.

Viron Internet Gateway

Wow! so easy to install and allows access to my phone, tablet and my desktop. Now I can "service " my pool anywhere! Service from the pool shop is also awaesome.

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