Waterco Auto Water Leveller MKII

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Waterco Automatic Water Leveller MKII

The Waterco Automatic Water Leveller eliminates the need to keep an eye on the water level. By maintaining the correct water level, the Automatic Water Leveller removes the risk of an expensive pump failure brought about by starvation of water through evaporation or leakage. 

The Automatic Water Leveller is ideal for the pool owner who is often away from home. The leveller remains inactive until the water level drops below or rises above the correct point. It will restore the right level by adding or draining water as the situation requires.

The Waterco Automatic Leveller is placed in the ground at a convenient location near the pool and plumbed to a separate pool inlet and the fresh water supply.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Overflow connection
  • Child-resistant lock down lid assembly
  • Simple servicing and connection


Waterco - 12 months parts and labour warranty. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Murray Ross
Waterco pool water auto level

I ordered online from the Pool Shop and the product turned up in a couple of days. Very good service, will use again.

Robert Tummons
Pool leveler

Great product working perfectly

Robert Hanger
Auto Water Leveller Mk2

Just what I wanted for the right price.
Currently having a pool installed, pool company quoted $800 to supply & fit this very product to the installed pipe work
Less than a metre to run it to an existing tap & drain. $$ saved.
Will work well

Pool water level control

Looks like a great product, to solve my problem with absences.
Not yet installed but I can see it will work well.

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