Bearing (for wheel & nose wheel) - LG35B (2 Pack)


Jet Vac Parts: Jet Vac Bearing - LG35B

Our range of genuine Jet Vac Parts includes all Jet Vac Hoses, Jet Vac Hose Swivels, Jet Vac Floats and Jet Vac Wall Fittings to keep your Jet Vac Pool Cleaner operating like new. 

The Jet Vac Bearing LG35 are used for all Jet Vac Wheels JV21 (except stainless steel wheel) and also the the nose wheel JV13. Each wheel requires 2 Bearings.

Our Jet vac Parts Diagram Jet Vac Parts Diagram shows a break down of the Jet Vac Pool Cleaner 

Jet Vac Pool Cleaners and Jet Vac Parts are now Australian Made.


We can help if you are looking to replace your pool cleaner or pool cleaner parts for a repair. Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Jet Vac parts.

Jet Vac Repairs

Can't do it yourself? We are happy to repair your Jet Vac Pool Cleaner for you.  Call us and arrange a repair.

Located too Far Away! Send us your pool cleaner and we will repair it and send it back to you. We only use genuine Jet Vac Parts.

Customer Reviews

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Christine Holman
JetVac Spares

Being able to purchased individual components to my JetVac allowed me to purchase the correct amount of spare parts to maintain my cleaner economically

Having to maintain pool equipment when most shops want you buy more items than you require is very annoying and expensive ie a wheel kit when you only require a tire

keep up the excellent customer service

Christine/ Russell


Good service

James Rolls
Pool equipment spare parts

Have sourced parts for Jet-vac pool cleaner and Zodiac salt chlorinator from poolshop. This time ordered Zodiac Cell and bearings and wheels for the jet-vac. Delivery, as always wa prompt and prices as good or better than others i searched.

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